BO_boxcar_atKentOhio_Dec78.jpg BO_boxcar_atKentOhio_Dec78.jpg
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1024 x 699
B&O " Time Saver Service" boxcar at Kent,Ohio - Dec 1978.

This was along the Chessie ex-B&O Washington-Chicago line
Chessie_at_KentOhio_Dec78.jpg Chessie_at_KentOhio_Dec78.jpg
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1024 x 705
Chessie (3 GP9 - looks like) at Kent,Ohio - Dec 1978.

The freight is westbound on the ex B&O Washington-Chicago line.
The line above is the ex-Erie Hoboken-Chicago main still double tracked by Conrail (at the time).
Kent is about 11 miles east of Akron.
B&O baggage car Kent Ohio_Dec 80.jpg B&O baggage car Kent Ohio_Dec 80.jpg
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This B&O heavyweight baggage car (possibly ex-RPO?) still in passenger paint was at Kent,Ohio along the Washington-Chicago main.

December 1980
BO4027_HardyStShops_Houston_March78.jpg BO4027_HardyStShops_Houston_March78.jpg
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B&O GP40 #4027 at Houston.

There was usually something interesting at the SP Hardy St. Shops in Houston.
After UP took over the SP they operated the shops for a year or two but they have been abandoned for a long time. After a massive cleanup (imagine all the oil and residue after decades of use) a developer bought the property and I believe is planning on converting the shop buildings to condos,etc.

March 1978
Chessie4151_atAkronOh_Dec78a.jpg Chessie4151_atAkronOh_Dec78a.jpg
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1024 x 712
(1) Chessie #4151 at Akron Jct in Akron,Ohio -- December 1978.

Looking east on the ex B&O Chicago-Washington line with Conrail's ex PRR line to Cleveland branching off to the left.
Chessie4151_atAkronOh_Dec78b.jpg Chessie4151_atAkronOh_Dec78b.jpg
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1024 x 687
(2) Chessie #4151 at Akron Jct in Akron,Ohio -- December 1978.

A couple of B&O painted units are trailing #4151
exBO_coaling_tower_atAkronOh_Dec78.jpg exBO_coaling_tower_atAkronOh_Dec78.jpg
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1024 x 687
ex B&O coaling tower at Akron,Ohio -- December 1978.

On the Washington - Chicago main (with a branch line from Cleveland near this point) - the B&O used this coaling tower for steam around the Akron area till about 1958.
CSX_6602_BayStLouisMs_March02.jpg CSX_6602_BayStLouisMs_March02.jpg
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Chessie GP-40 #6602 near Bay St Louis,Ms -- March 2002

Nice to see this Chessie unit (you can barely see B&O under the side window)
I wonder how many are left?
CO_workcars_CharlottesvilleVa_Sept79.jpg CO_workcars_CharlottesvilleVa_Sept79.jpg
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Chessie (C&O) troop sleeper and heavyweight car at Charlottesville,Va -- Sept 1979
Chessie6527_AkronOh_Dec76a.jpg Chessie6527_AkronOh_Dec76a.jpg
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(1) Chessie GP9 #6527 at Akron,Oh.
December 1976.

The local is westbound on ex-B&O Washington-Chicago trackage at JO Interlocking. The two tracks it is crossing are the ex-Erie Lackawanna New York-Chicago line. JO tower controlling the crossing is hanging off a building and can barely be seen just above the right side of the bridge in the background. A derailment at this point in the 80's forced CSX to deactivate JO -- today two tracks are all that is left. JO tower survived till the bridge in the background was widened a couple of years ago.
Chessie6527_AkronOh_Dec76b.jpg Chessie6527_AkronOh_Dec76b.jpg
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(2) Chessie GP9 #6527 at Akron,Oh.
December 1976.

Westbound thru downtown Akron, the local is on ex-B&O Washington-Chicago trackage. The two tracks on the right are the ex-Erie Lackawanna New York-Chicago line.
The silos to the right were once part of the Quaker Oats cereal plant. They are now a hotel with restaurants and shops taking up the rest of the site -- including a few passenger cars like the ex-PRR cars on the right.
Today, Amtrak trains make their stop in this area and CSX has reduced this to two tracks.
Chessie_exCOshops_CharlottesvilleVa_Oct79.jpg Chessie_exCOshops_CharlottesvilleVa_Oct79.jpg
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Chessie U30B #8228 and GP40-2 #4262 at the ex-C&O shops in Charlottesville,Va -- October 1979.

These ex-C&O units are "protecting" Southern (CP) #2839 as it prepares to be turned on the turntable.
CO25_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79.jpg CO25_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79.jpg
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Chessie business car #25 at Charlottsville,Va -- October 1979.

Ex-C&O built by ACF in 1931.
CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79a.jpg CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79a.jpg
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(1) C&O potbelly stove at the ex-C&O yards in Charlottsville,Va -- October 1979.

This is one of the more interesting railroad structures I have run across. Located along the Chessie (ex-C&O) main between the shops and the station.
The potbelly stove in the building (marked C&O) has warmed yard workers for who knows how many decades. It was still being used in 1979 as evidenced from the coal pile with shovels and the cinder pile at the bottom of the stove. The shack was also equipped with a light, phone and a bell set -- presumably to warn the workers of approaching trains or just for the phone.
CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79b.jpg CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79b.jpg
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(2) C&O potbelly stove at the ex-C&O yards in Charlottsville,Va -- October 1979.
CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79c.jpg CO_potbelly_CharlottsvilleVa_Oct79c.jpg
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(3) C&O potbelly stove at the ex-C&O yards in Charlottsville,Va -- October 1979.
BO 3776 at AkronOh_March76.jpg BO 3776 at AkronOh_March76.jpg
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B&O freight at Akron

GP-40 #3776 leads an eastbound through JO interlocking in downtown Akron on the B&O DC-Chicago main.
The cars in the background are crossing over the Erie/EL Hoboken-Chicago line. There is also an ex-PRR line in the mix (Hudson-Orrville and southern Ohio). The PRR line was the first so JO tower (on the side of a building just to the left) was PRR,PC then Conrail.
JO lasted to the mid 80's when an accident at this crossover wiped it out.
Today,CSX has two tracks through here.

March 1976
CO3891_MarionOh_March76.jpg CO3891_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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C&O GP38 #3891 at Marion,Ohio

Working a local at the station - crossing the Erie Lackawanna and Penn Central with AC Tower just out of the shot to the right. This is on the C&O Toledo line.
The signal bridge was full of semaphores not to many years before.

March 1976
BO_sign_HarpersFerry_Oct79.jpg BO_sign_HarpersFerry_Oct79.jpg
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B&O sign at Harpers Ferry

October 1979
Chessie7618_HarpersFerryWV_Oct79_2a.jpg Chessie7618_HarpersFerryWV_Oct79_2a.jpg
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(1) An eastbound Chessie freight on the ex-B&O line at Harpers Ferry,WV.
There was a local working on the right.

October 1979
Chessie7618_HarpersFerryWV_Oct79a.jpg Chessie7618_HarpersFerryWV_Oct79a.jpg
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(2) The second engine was a barely identifiable ex-C&O U25B
Chessie4242_RosenbergTx_May79bb.jpg Chessie4242_RosenbergTx_May79bb.jpg
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(1) Chessie GP40-2 #4242 is in Rosenberg,Tx (about 35 miles west of Houston) on the Southern Pacific. It was working on local sevice.

May 1979
Chessie4242_RosenbergTx_May79a.jpg Chessie4242_RosenbergTx_May79a.jpg
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(2) Looking East, the long gone SP/Santa Fe station and REA building can be seen in the background. The Santa Fe Southern Division tracks are to the right.
FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85a.jpg FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85a.jpg
251.80 KB
(1) Family Lines freight at Montgomery,Al.

One frosty morning in Montgomery I just caught this southbound freight going away on L&N trackage.
Interesting variety of locos including a Atlanta & West Point unit.

December 1985
FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85bb.jpg FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85bb.jpg
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(2) Family Lines freight at Montgomery,Al.

December 1985
FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85cc.jpg FamilyLinesFreight_MontgomeryAl_Dec85cc.jpg
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(3) Family Lines freight at Montgomery,Al.

December 1985
Chessie_atAkronOh_March76a.jpg Chessie_atAkronOh_March76a.jpg
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(1) A Chessie freight is eastbound on ex-B&O trackage in Akron,Ohio
The tire factories are still operating in the background as #4105 heads downtown.
Here's the track lineup -- the freight is on the ex-B&O Washington-Chicago line, while the tracks to the right are the Erie Lackawanna New York-Chicago line.
A Penn Central (PRR) secondary main ran along here also.

March 1976
Chessie_atAkronOh_March76b.jpg Chessie_atAkronOh_March76b.jpg
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(2) Chessie freight at Akron
Downtown Akron in the background while passing the EL yard.

March 1976
C&O wtr column at GordonsvilleVa Sept 79.jpg C&O wtr column at GordonsvilleVa Sept 79.jpg
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C&O water column at Gordonsville,Va

I was amazed this C&O water column survived 20-25 years after the last of the steam engines (along with the water tank).
I passed it a number of times on Amtrak or excursion runs (like this time). Adding the ancient box car to the mix makes it an interesting scene.

September 1979
C&O wtr column at GordonsvilleVa-2 Sept 79.jpg C&O wtr column at GordonsvilleVa-2 Sept 79.jpg
236.37 KB
C&O water column at Gordonsville,Va

September 1979