Conrail at BOJct Tower in Mansfield,Ohio - Dec 1978.jpg Conrail at BOJct Tower in Mansfield,Ohio - Dec 1978.jpg
186.93 Kb
1024 x 683
Conrail - handing up orders at BOJct tower in Mansfield,Oh - Dec 1978.

Eastbound on exPRR Chicago-New York line and crossing B&O Willard-Newark,Ohio line.
BOJct tower was one of three towers in Mansfield (all long gone of course)- all within a mile of each other.
The B&O line south was abandoned at least 10 years ago,while the line north was taken over by I believe the Ashland RR.
The building in the background is Union Station where the train is crossing what was left of the EL Hoboken-Chicago main.
CR6356_MansfieldOh_Dec78.jpg CR6356_MansfieldOh_Dec78.jpg
226.87 Kb
Conrail SD40 #6356 at Mansfield,Oh -- December 1978.

Eastbound on the ex-PRR Chicago-New York line.
#6356 was an ex-PRR unit retired in 1994.
Conrail_CollinwoodYd_Cleveland_Dec76.jpg Conrail_CollinwoodYd_Cleveland_Dec76.jpg
160.34 Kb
1024 x 691
Conrail units (most in PC paint) at ex-NYC Collinwood Yd - Cleveland - Dec 1976.
AMT365_363_Conrail8429_atChicago_June82.jpg AMT365_363_Conrail8429_atChicago_June82.jpg
260.06 Kb
1024 x 697
Amtrak F40PH #365 & 363 with Conrail SW1 #8429 working the Amtrak yard in Chicago - June 1982
Conrail3058_nearBereaOhio_Dec76.jpg Conrail3058_nearBereaOhio_Dec76.jpg
239.47 Kb
1024 x 750
Conrail #3058 (ex-PC) eastbound between Elyria and Berea,Ohio - Dec 1976.

On the ex-NYC Chicago-NY line.
Less than a year after Conrail was formed and most of the ex-NYC signals were still in place.
Conrail8438_atChicago_June82.jpg Conrail8438_atChicago_June82.jpg
231.29 Kb
1024 x 697
Conrail SW1 #8438 (PC paint) working the Amtrak yard in Chicago - June 1982
Conrail_CollinwoodYd_nearClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg Conrail_CollinwoodYd_nearClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg
135.90 Kb
1024 x 670
Conrail units (mostly ex-PC) at Collinwood Yd near Cleveland,Oh - Dec 1976.

seriously, there are a few units among the wires!
conrail-funit-collinwood-dec76.jpg conrail-funit-collinwood-dec76.jpg
124.25 Kb
900 x 651
Conrail Funit at Collinwood Yard east of Cleveland,Ohio - Dec 1976
conrail1742_atCollinwoodYard_Cleveland_Dec76.jpg conrail1742_atCollinwoodYard_Cleveland_Dec76.jpg
123.33 Kb
900 x 651
Conrail #1742 at Collinwood Yard east of Cleveland - Dec 1976
Conrail5832_atClevelandOh_Dec78.jpg Conrail5832_atClevelandOh_Dec78.jpg
153.85 Kb
1024 x 662
Conrail GP-7 #5832 at Cleveland,Oh (from a CTA train) -- December 1978.

Passed these engines while riding a Hopkins Airport - Terminal Tower train in Cleveland. The transit line parallels Conrail's ex-NYC New York-Chicago line at this point.
That's the driver at the left in this poor quality shot.
Conrail_caboose_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg Conrail_caboose_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg
219.70 Kb
1024 x 696
Conrail caboose (ex-Reading?) at Collinwood Yd in Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976
Conrail_exNYC_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg Conrail_exNYC_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg
156.07 Kb
1024 x 681
Conrail - ex-NYC signal bridge and coaling tower at Collinwood Yd in Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976

The largest coaling facility I've ever seen
Conrail_units_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg Conrail_units_atCollinwoodYd_ClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg
184.42 Kb
1024 x 655
Conrail units (PC paint) at Collinwood Yd in Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976
Conrail8153_atWellingtonOh_Dec77.jpg Conrail8153_atWellingtonOh_Dec77.jpg
174.56 Kb
1024 x 611
Conrail #8153 at Wellington,Oh -- December 1977

Northbound on the ex- NYC Big Four Route before the double track was reduced to a single with long sidings.
Wellington is about 36 miles sw of Cleveland.
exEL7121_ClevelandOh_Dec76a.jpg exEL7121_ClevelandOh_Dec76a.jpg
165.27 Kb
1024 x 657
(1) ex-EL F7 #7121 at Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976

This Conrail F was working in a small yard between downtown Cleveland and Collinwood yard on the ex- NYC New York-Chicago line.
exEL7121_ClevelandOh_Dec76b.jpg exEL7121_ClevelandOh_Dec76b.jpg
157.47 Kb
1024 x 698
(2) ex-EL F7 #7121 at Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976
PC5631_nearClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg PC5631_nearClevelandOh_Dec76.jpg
163.34 Kb
701 x 1024
Penn Central GP-7 #5631 (Conrail-exNYC) near Cleveland,Oh -- December 1976

This ex-New York Central unit was working between Cleveland and Berea on Conrails' ex - NYC New York-Chicago line.
Conrail8233_nearPittsburghPa_Nov98.jpg Conrail8233_nearPittsburghPa_Nov98.jpg
218.66 Kb
1024 x 672
Conrail #8233 near Pittsburgh,Pa -- Nov 1998.

Westbound on the ex-PRR New York-Chicago main - this scene has changed little from the Pensy days.
About 7 miles west of Pittsburgh.
Conrail_exEL_4014_nearChicago_Sept77.jpg Conrail_exEL_4014_nearChicago_Sept77.jpg
166.12 Kb
1024 x 633
Conrail #4014 (ex-EL E-8) on a Valparaiso commuter train near Chicago -- Sept 1977.

One of the evening eastbound Chicago-Valparaiso commuter trains on ex-PRR trackage with ex-Pennsy P-70 coaches. I don't remember this stop but somewhere in the eastern suburbs of Chicago.
The Valparaiso trains were discontinued in 1992.
Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77a.jpg Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77a.jpg
200.85 Kb
(1) Conrail freight with U33B? #2861on ex-EL trackage near Ravenna,Oh -- December 1977

Eastbound on ex - Erie Lackawanna Chicago-New York trackage about 15 miles east of Akron ,possibly at Brady Lake.
Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77b.jpg Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77b.jpg
226.52 Kb
(2) Conrail freight with #2418 Alco C425 (third unit) on ex-EL trackage near Ravenna,Oh -- December 1977

possibly BA Tower in the background
Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77c.jpg Conrail_nearRavennaOh_Dec77c.jpg
244.55 Kb
(3) Conrail freight with GP-9 #7335 (last unit) on ex-EL trackage near Ravenna,Oh -- December 1977

The last unit (possibly ex-NYC) was set up for passenger service.
Conrail_exPRR_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg Conrail_exPRR_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg
253.40 Kb
Conrail (ex-PRR) line near Hudson,Oh -- December 1978.

Looking along the ex - Pennsy Cleveland-Alliance line near Hudson,Ohio (about 20 miles se of Cleveland). I believe the Capital Limited passes thru here today while the PRR Cleveland-Pittsburgh "Steel Limited" passenger trains used this route.
Conrail6605_CrestlineOh_Dec78.jpg Conrail6605_CrestlineOh_Dec78.jpg
205.80 Kb
Conrail C30-7 #6605 at Crestline,Oh.
December 1978.

Northbound on the ex-NYC Big Four Route crossing the ex-PRR New York-Chicago line. The station on the right is long gone.
The small town of Crestline was a major player on the Pensy with shops,yard and a large roundhouse (part of which is still there). The Broadway Limited made few stops between New York and Chicago but Crestline was one of them. The K4's were changed out along with crew changes etc. In the diesel years crew changes continued along with a chance to fuel up. Amtrak continued the tradition with its Broadway Ltd.
exPRRcoach_MassillonOh_Oct87.jpg exPRRcoach_MassillonOh_Oct87.jpg
139.62 Kb
ex-PRR heavyweight car in Massillon,Oh.
October 1987.

It could have been a coach or sleeper - with a vestibule at each end. It was also rebuilt with air conditioning "back in the day".
Conrail6249_LeetsdalePa -- Nov98.jpg Conrail6249_LeetsdalePa -- Nov98.jpg
432.70 KB
Conrail C40-8W #6249 heads west with a coal train at Leetsdale on the ex-PRR New York-Chicago line - a few miles west of Pittsburgh.
I like this area since it looks little changed from the PRR days.

November 1998
CR6644_RochesterPa_Nov98.jpg CR6644_RochesterPa_Nov98.jpg
218.98 Kb
Conrail C36-7 #6644 at Rochester,Pa -- November 1998.

Eastbound on the ex-PRR Chicago-New York line about 25 miles west of Pittsburgh.
Conrail5571_LeetsdalePa_Nov98.jpg Conrail5571_LeetsdalePa_Nov98.jpg
243.42 Kb
Conrail SD60M #5571 at Leetsdale,Pa -- November 1998.

Eastbound on the ex-PRR Chicago-New York line - just west of Pittsburgh.
Conrail3396_ LeetsdalePa_Nov98.jpg Conrail3396_ LeetsdalePa_Nov98.jpg
184.85 Kb
Conrail GP40-2 #3396 at Leetsdale,Pa -- November 1998

On the ex-PRR New York-Chicago line just west of Pittsburgh
Conrail4800_WilmingtonDel_Sept79.jpg Conrail4800_WilmingtonDel_Sept79.jpg
169.60 Kb
Conrail GG-1 #4800 at the ex-PRR shops in Wilmington, Delaware -- September 1979

Old Rivets - the first GG1 built in 1934. The only one that had a riveted body shell - the rest were welded. Today the engine is at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg.
exNYC_Collinwoodshops_ClevelandOh_Dec78.jpg exNYC_Collinwoodshops_ClevelandOh_Dec78.jpg
193.52 Kb
Part of Collinwood -- the Conrail ex - New York Central shops and yard -- east of Cleveland.

December 1978
Conrail6742_ClevelandOh_Dec78a.jpg Conrail6742_ClevelandOh_Dec78a.jpg
268.64 KB
Conrail C628 #6742 near Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
West of Cleveland on the ex-NYC.
December, 1978
CR2435_exPRRshops_CrestlineOh_Dec78.jpg CR2435_exPRRshops_CrestlineOh_Dec78.jpg
222.45 KB
A couple of Conrail Alco C425 at Crestline,Ohio.
This is at the former PRR shops and yard. The shops and roundhouse were abandoned but Conrail was still using the yards.
Next to Altoona,the Crestline shops were one of the largest on the Pennsy.
The Broadway Limited didn't have many stops between New York and Chicago but the small town of Crestline was one of them. K4's were switched out, crews were changed etc. Even the Amtrak version of the Broadway stopped here for a crew change.
Today, little remains of this once large complex.
December 1978
exPRR_station_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg exPRR_station_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg
235.21 KB
Conrail units on ex-PRR trackage at Hudson,Ohio

Looking east - the line to the left is the Cleveland - Alliance line while the track to the right went to Akron. The Akron line was to be abandoned by Conrail in the early 90's but was purchased by the local METRO for possible Akron-Cleveland commuter service.
Hudson is about 20 miles se of Cleveland.
The 2 units behind the Conrail engine on the left look like ex - EL engines.

December 1978
CR6671_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg CR6671_HudsonOh_Dec78.jpg
175.14 KB
Conrail units at Hudson,Oh

Looking east on the ex-PRR Pittsburgh line.

December 1978
Conrail6028_GalionOh_Dec78.jpg Conrail6028_GalionOh_Dec78.jpg
222.42 KB
SD35 #6028 is southbound on the ex-NYC Big Four Route past the beautiful station at Galion.
Passenger service ended in the 60's and the station was closed in 1969.
The station looked empty when I was here but good things would happen. A few years ago the city bought the station and restored it.
Unfortunately I have heard of money troubles in Galion and the station future is clouded.
Built in 1900 it was division headquarters for the Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad.

December 1978
Conrail_truck_WellingtonOh_Dec78.jpg Conrail_truck_WellingtonOh_Dec78.jpg
302.92 KB
"Truckin" on Conrail at Wellington,Oh.

Working for Conrail on the ex-NYC Big Four route at Wellington,Ohio

December 1978
Ch-Valpo_consist_atChicago_Dec76a.jpg Ch-Valpo_consist_atChicago_Dec76a.jpg
269.08 KB
The Conrail Chicago-Valparaiso commuter consist with ex PRR P-70 cars is being pulled (by a Amtrak switcher on the other end) into the yard at Chicago.
I believe this run was operated by Conrail for a few more years before Amtrak took it over till the early 90's.

December 1976
Conrail blue F7A_1648_Collinwood_Dec78.jpg Conrail blue F7A_1648_Collinwood_Dec78.jpg
286.91 KB
Conrail "blue" F7A #1648 at Collinwood

I believe this was the only F unit Conrail painted blue (ex-NYC).
It is at the ex-NYC Collinwood shops east of Cleveland.
It had only a few months to go before retirement.

December 1978
Conrail_SW9_8996_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg Conrail_SW9_8996_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg
266.78 KB
Conrail SW9 #8996 at Cleveland -- Dec 78
CollinwoodShops_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg CollinwoodShops_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg
263.96 KB
A few Conrail units at the shops in Collinwood

December 1978
Ex-NYC7300_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg Ex-NYC7300_Cleveland_Dec78.jpg
245.32 KB
ex-NYC GP9 #7300 at Cleveland

Along with an ex-PRR caboose, #7300 works the Conrail ex-NYC yard at Collinwood under the highway bridge built in 1925.

December 1978
Conrail6322_nearCleveland_Dec78.jpg Conrail6322_nearCleveland_Dec78.jpg
301.45 KB
Conrail SD40 #6322 near Cleveland

If I remember correctly this was between Berea and Cleveland on the line that went to Terminal Tower.

December 1978
ConrailatCollinwood_Dec78.jpg ConrailatCollinwood_Dec78.jpg
222.54 KB
SW1 #8406 (ex-NYC, Chicago River & Indiana?) at the ex-NYC Collinwood shops east of Cleveland.

December 1978
Conrail7776_nearCleveland_Dec76a.jpg Conrail7776_nearCleveland_Dec76a.jpg
254.54 KB
GP-38 #7778 heads east to Cleveland on the water level route in an area little changed from the New York Central days.

December 1976
exPennCentral1695_CollinwoodYd_Dec76a.jpg exPennCentral1695_CollinwoodYd_Dec76a.jpg
206.47 KB
Ex-New York Central F7 #1675 and others have sustained a little damage on the road (look to the back of 1675 and the front of the next unit).

At the ex-NYC Collinwood Yard east of Cleveland

December 1976
Conrail electrics at WilmingtonDe Sept 79.jpg Conrail electrics at WilmingtonDe Sept 79.jpg
322.47 KB
GG1's and a couple of E-44 units at Wilmington,De

September 1979
Conrail engines at WilmingtonDe Sept 79.jpg Conrail engines at WilmingtonDe Sept 79.jpg
266.02 KB
Conrail and Amtrak engines at Wilmington,De

September 1979
GG1 4885 WilmingtonDe --Sept 79.jpg GG1 4885 WilmingtonDe --Sept 79.jpg
286.54 KB
GG1 #4885 at Wilmington,De

September 1979
Conrail local in Ohio_Dec76.jpg Conrail local in Ohio_Dec76.jpg
192.13 KB
Conrail (PC) GP9 on local in Ohio
I caught this local leaving the ex-PRR yard in Alliance,Ohio (about 20 miles east of Canton).
This is on one of the branch lines east of town. I don't remember which -- there was one to Newton Falls and Niles.
The GP9 was an ex PRR unit.

December 1976
Conrail local near WadsworthOh_Dec76a.jpg Conrail local near WadsworthOh_Dec76a.jpg
210.67 KB

(1) Early Conrail local on E-L in Ohio - December 1976

Ex-NYC GP9 #7353 heads east on the ex-Erie Lackawanna main about 15 miles west of Akron.
Conrail local at RittmanOh_Dec76a.jpg Conrail local at RittmanOh_Dec76a.jpg
184.76 KB

(2) Early Conrail local on E-L in Ohio - December 1976

A few minutes earlier the local was finishing up work at Rittman (a few miles further west).
While most of the E-L main was abandoned, this part (the last I heard) is still in service. Today a single track, no signals or pole lines, exist from Akron to Rittman (about 17 miles).
Conrail local at RittmanOh-2_Dec76a.jpg Conrail local at RittmanOh-2_Dec76a.jpg
190.01 KB

(3) Early Conrail local on E-L in Ohio - December 1976

Looking west at Rittman part of the station can barely be seen in the distance among the pole line. Approximately from the station west the line was completely abandoned (to Ashland).