Erie Lackawanna


EL-rpo-baggage-R29-atWarrenOh-Dec78-1.jpg EL-rpo-baggage-R29-atWarrenOh-Dec78-1.jpg
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1024 x 680
(1) ex EL rpo baggage car #R29 at Warren,Oh - Dec 1978
EL-rpo-baggage-R29-atWarrenOh-Dec78-2.jpg EL-rpo-baggage-R29-atWarrenOh-Dec78-2.jpg
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1024 x 680
(2) ex EL rpo baggage car #R29 at Warren,Oh - Dec 1978
EL3314_atAkronOh_Dec75.jpg EL3314_atAkronOh_Dec75.jpg
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1024 x 694
EL U33C ? #3314 in Akron,Ohio - Dec 1976.

eastbound on the EL Chicago-Hoboken main.
EL_MarionYds_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_MarionYds_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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1024 x 684
E-L Marion Yds (and AC Tower) at Marion,Ohio -- March 1976.

Looking west on the Erie-Lackawanna New York-Chicago main it's a normal looking day at Marion for the E-L yards and shops (with the station on the left).
Unfortunately in 3 weeks Conrail will take over and reduce the Erie main from 20+ trains a day to a couple ,with most of the main line abandoned eventually.
The tower miraculously survived till 5-6 years ago ( the Erie main here was also a joint line at this point with the Penn Central - still operating today.
EL3681_NortonOh_Dec75.jpg EL3681_NortonOh_Dec75.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna #3681 near Norton,Ohio -- December 1975.

Eastbound on the EL Chicago-New York line - about 8 miles west of Akron.
Today one track remains from Akron to Rittman, operated by the Akron Barberton Cluster RR.
EL1051_atSterlingOh_Dec75a.jpg EL1051_atSterlingOh_Dec75a.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna RS-3 at Sterling (Oh) Tower

Waiting on a signal, #1051 is working eastbound on a local (on the Erie Lackawanna Chicago-Hoboken line - about 21 miles west of Akron).
It will cross the B&O Washington-Chicago line at the tower. The two railroads paralleled each other for a few miles on either side of the crossing.
A B&O branch line north started at Sterling also.
Today - the EL line, tower and buildings are gone. CSX still operates both ex-B&O lines.

December 1975
EL3314_AkronOh_Dec75.jpg EL3314_AkronOh_Dec75.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna U33C #3314 at Akron,Oh -- December 1975.

Eastbound at JO interlocking in downtown Akron on the Chicago-Hoboken line. The B&O DC-Chicago line is to the right.
Today, CSX has two tracks at this location.
EL3648_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL3648_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna SDP45 #3648 at Marion,Oh -- March 1976.

Pulling out of the EL yards at Marion headed east.
EL3328_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL3328_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna GE U36C #3328 along with a SD45-2 gets ready for a trip out of town while a RS-3 works the yard in the background -- March 1976
EL831_MarionOh_March.jpg EL831_MarionOh_March.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna E-8 units at Marion,Oh -- March 1976

My first attempt at night photography didn't turn out very well -- but at least the subject was interesting!
EL put about everything they had into freight service.
EL1045_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL1045_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna RS-3 #1045 at Marion,Oh -- March 1976

#1045 is pulling cars out from the big EL yard in Marion.
The station is on the left and AC Tower above the cars.
EL_Eunits_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_Eunits_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna E8 units at Marion,Oh -- March 1976

Waiting for their next assignment -- unfortunately it wasn't for the Lake Cities.
EL3304_ELshops_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL3304_ELshops_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie-Lackawanna U33C #3304 at Marion,Oh -- March 1976
westside_ELyard_MarionOh_March76.jpg westside_ELyard_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Rough yard trackage at the EL Marion,Oh yard -- March 76.

This is at the west end of the yard with an RS-3 working in the background.
Luckily this wasn't the mainline.
EL_westside_yards_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_westside_yards_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Four E8 and a couple of SD45-2 wait to grab their trains for a trip west during the last weeks of the EL.

At the west side of the yard -- March 1976
EL_AC_Tower_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_AC_Tower_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna AC Tower at Marion,Oh.
This is looking west with the station on the left.
March 1976
EL_MarionOh_yard_March76.jpg EL_MarionOh_yard_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna yards at Marion,Ohio with a couple of RS-3 working.
This is the east side of the yards looking west.
I believe the line curving to the left is the Dayton branch.
March 1976

EL3612_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL3612_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna SD45 #3612 at Marion,Ohio

Along with a couple of E8 on the eastside of the still busy EL shops.

March 1976
EL1052_MarionOh_Mar76.jpg EL1052_MarionOh_Mar76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna RS-3 #1052 at Marion,Ohio.
Working the west side of the Marion yards and passing a long deadline of mostly RS-3.
I wonder what the crew was going to use the plywood (on the front of the engine) for?
March 1976
EL_RS3_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_RS3_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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A couple of veteran Erie Lackawanna employees work near AC Tower in Marion during the last weeks of the EL.
March 1976
EL_C311_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_C311_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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EL caboose in Marion.
Westbound, passing AC Tower and the station heading into the yards.
It looks like a good fire in the stove onboard.
March 1976
EL_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna SD45-2 leading with an RS-3 trailing ,crosses the C&O,headed westbound into the yards at Marion.
March 1976
EL1029_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL1029_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna RS-3 #1029 working the west end of the yard.
I have not been in this area since '93 -- but even then it was hard to tell that there ever was a railroad here.

March 1976
WestSide_ELYard_MarionOh_March76a.jpg WestSide_ELYard_MarionOh_March76a.jpg
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Four E-8 along with a pair of SD45-2 wait on the west side of the Marion,Ohio yard for their trains.

March 1976
EL831_MarionOh_March76a.jpg EL831_MarionOh_March76a.jpg
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Four EL E8 head west out of the Marion yard. The second unit was #810 - one of the two E8 demonstrator units delivered in 1951.

March 1976
EL_deadline_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_deadline_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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On the west side of the Marion shops -- an all Alco deadline. Mostly RS-3 with a few S4.
EL deferred maintenance.

March 1976
EL526_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL526_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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Alco S4 #526 at Marion (in the all-Alco deadline).

March 1976
EL_Eunit_MarionYd_March77a.jpg EL_Eunit_MarionYd_March77a.jpg
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EL E8 at the Marion,Ohio yards.
This was my first attempt at night photography -- it didn't turn out so well but it was a lot of fun running around the EL yards that night.

March 1976
EL1035_MarionYd_March76a.jpg EL1035_MarionYd_March76a.jpg
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RS-3 #1035 and a couple of E8 units at the Marion shops.

March 1976
EL_Marion Yd_March76a.jpg EL_Marion Yd_March76a.jpg
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SD45 #3612 and U36C #3328 at the Marion shops.

March 1976
ELsign_@Akron_March76.jpg ELsign_@Akron_March76.jpg
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EL sign at Akron

These signs were at the Erie Lackawanna freight yard near downtown

March 1976
EL_yard_blds_atAkronOh_March76.jpg EL_yard_blds_atAkronOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna yard offices at Akron,Ohio

Some structures and trackage at the EL yard.
I believe CSX today uses the two tracks (rebuilt of course) to the left , with everything else (railroad) in this shot gone.
Note the PRR whistle sign in the middle for the Hudson-Akron-Warwick-Orrville line. The EL route is on the far right with the B&O
on the left. This view is looking west.

March 1976

EL414_atAkronOh_March76.jpg EL414_atAkronOh_March76.jpg
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Erie Lackawanna NW2 #414 sits at the long gone EL yard near downtown Akron.

March 1976
ELyard_atAkronOh_March76.jpg ELyard_atAkronOh_March76.jpg
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This is the Erie Lackawanna yard in Akron, looking east.
The tracks to the right are the EL, Chessie (B&O)and a Penn Central line.
This was shortly before Conrail.
Conrail would raze the buildings, tear out some tracks and store cars here for a couple of years before total abandonment.
Today, CSX has a two track main past this area.

March 1976
EL_westendMarionYd_MarionOh_March76.jpg EL_westendMarionYd_MarionOh_March76.jpg
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A busy day at the west end of the Erie Lackawanna yards/shops in Marion,Ohio.
A couple of RS-3 engines work the yard, while on the left a pair of SD45-2? wait for a consist to take west.
The 4 E8 in the background would eventually take a freight west also.
I kept an eye on the E units as they took all day to work their way from the shops to this point.

March 1976
EL at Marion_March76.jpg EL at Marion_March76.jpg
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(1) At the west end of the yards in Marion a SD45-2 (#3676) and a SDP45 (#3650) leave with a freight.

March 1976
EL at MarionOh_March76.jpg EL at MarionOh_March76.jpg
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A pair of SDP-45 units and an RS-3 cross the C&O headed west into the yard at Marion,Ohio.
The line curving off to the left was (I believe) the EL line to Dayton.

March 1976
EL_MarionYd_March76.jpg EL_MarionYd_March76.jpg
249.85 KB
An EPA nightmare at Marion
Cleaning up rail sites has to be a tough job, and the Erie Lackawanna yards at Marion,Ohio was a rough one.
About a month before Conrail it was business as usual for the EL. Conrail operated the shop and yards for a while but eventually they left and I imagine areas such as this needed to be cleaned up.
This was at the west side of the shops.

March 1976
EL units at Marion_March 76.jpg EL units at Marion_March 76.jpg
320.88 KB
At the west end of the yards in Marion,Ohio are U36C #3316 and SDP45 #3646 in the weeks before Conrail.

March 1976
EL 3676 and 3650 at Marion_March76.jpg EL 3676 and 3650 at Marion_March76.jpg
272.23 KB
(2) At the west end of the yards in Marion a SD45-2 (#3676) and a SDP45 (#3650) leave with a freight.

March 1976
EL_RS3_Marion_March76a.jpg EL_RS3_Marion_March76a.jpg
360.23 KB
"Racing" EL RS3 units at Marion
Working hard on the west side of the Erie Lackawanna yards/shops.

March 1976
EL E8 units at Marion_March76.jpg EL E8 units at Marion_March76.jpg
239.32 KB

(1) Erie Lackawanna E8 units at Marion -- March 76

At the west end of the EL Marion Yards/shops in Ohio -- I kept an eye on these units all day as they worked their way from the east side of the shops.

The units are starting to move out of the fueling area to the very west end of the yard - where they will wait for their train.
EL E8 831 at Marion_March76.jpg EL E8 831 at Marion_March76.jpg
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(2) Erie Lackawanna E8 units at Marion -- March 1976

#831 was the only unit of the four that was built for the Erie - in 1951.
EL Eunits at Marion_March76.jpg EL Eunits at Marion_March76.jpg
237.97 KB

(3) Erie Lackawanna E8 units at Marion -- March 1976

The last three engines (#810,814,809) were all built for the Lackawanna in 1951 -- including ex-E8 demonstrator unit #810
EL E8 810 at Marion_March76.jpg EL E8 810 at Marion_March76.jpg
231.88 KB

(4) Erie Lackawanna E8 units at Marion -- March 1976

#810 was one of the two E8 demonstrator engines used on the Lackawanna ( it also smoked like an Alco).
EL E8 809 at Marion_March76.jpg EL E8 809 at Marion_March76.jpg
215.52 KB

(5) Erie Lackawanna E8 units at Marion -- March 1976

#809 was built in 1951 for the Lackawanna
E-L main near WadsworthOh_Dec76a.jpg E-L main near WadsworthOh_Dec76a.jpg
197.23 KB

(1) E-L main line after Conrail - in Ohio -- December 1976

A few pictures about 9 months after the Conrail takeover on the E-L west of Akron between Wadsworth and Sterling

Less than a year after Conrail the E-L main in Ohio was still intact.
Everything was still there (double track,pole lines and working signals) except -- the +-25 trains the EL was running.
I don't know if any through freights were still using the line (I'm guessing once in a while). Locals were working on part of it and one is in the block as evidenced from this signal.
This is looking east just west of Wadsworth (about 14 miles west of Akron).
E-L main at SterlingOh_Dec76a.jpg E-L main at SterlingOh_Dec76a.jpg
201.05 KB

(2) E-L main line after Conrail - in Ohio -- December 1976

9 miles further west is the tower at Sterling where the B&O (Pittsburgh-Chicago) crossed the Erie. This is looking east with the B&O to the far right (the two lines paralleled each other for a bit both east and west of the crossing).
Today it's hard to tell where the EL line was.
CSX still operates the double track ex-B&O line with a route to the north starting here also.
E-L main near SterlingOh_Dec76a.jpg E-L main near SterlingOh_Dec76a.jpg
166.01 KB

(3) E-L main line after Conrail - in Ohio -- December 1976

Looking west just east of Sterling is the EL with the B&O on the left.
Today, the CSX line is still busy while the Erie row is all weeds.
E-L main near WadsworthOh-2_Dec76a.jpg E-L main near WadsworthOh-2_Dec76a.jpg
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(4) E-L main line after Conrail - in Ohio -- December 1976

Looking east near Wadsworth
exEL caboose at RittmanOh_Dec76a.jpg exEL caboose at RittmanOh_Dec76a.jpg
198.61 KB

Ex-Erie caboose at Rittman,Ohio -- December 1976

Working on a Conrail local (built in 1954).