Kansas City Southern


KCS4153-atShreveportLa-Dec77.jpg KCS4153-atShreveportLa-Dec77.jpg
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KCS GP-7 #4153 and an F3 at the shops in Shreveport La - Dec 1977
KCS_F3_30_atKCSshops_ShreveportLa_Dec77_1.jpg KCS_F3_30_atKCSshops_ShreveportLa_Dec77_1.jpg
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KCS F3 #30 at KCS shops in Shreveport,La - Dec 1977.

An interesting engine - not only one of the few F3 to remain on the KCS but one of the last in red. When built (1947) it had a steam boiler for passenger service
It would survive to be repainted in the white paint scheme but as a slug.
KCS30_KCSshops_Shreveport_Dec77.jpg KCS30_KCSshops_Shreveport_Dec77.jpg
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KCS F3 #30 and a couple of GP7,GP30 at KCS shops in Shreveport,La - Dec 1977

KCS_SouthBelle_ad_atAlexandriaLa_Dec90a.jpg KCS_SouthBelle_ad_atAlexandriaLa_Dec90a.jpg
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KCS Southern Belle ad on bridge at Alexandria,La - Dec 1990
KCS_SouthBelle_ad_atAlexandriaLa_Dec90b.jpg KCS_SouthBelle_ad_atAlexandriaLa_Dec90b.jpg
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KCS Southern Belle ad on bridge at Alexandria,La - Dec 1990
KCS_homemadecaboose_DeQuincyLa_Dec85.jpg KCS_homemadecaboose_DeQuincyLa_Dec85.jpg
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KCS stainless steel caboose at DeQuincy,La. These were not homemade but were built in 1964-1970 by Darby Corporation of Kansas City, Kansas. Thanks to Lowell G. McManus from the Kansas City Southern Historical Society, Inc. for this info. -- December 1985.

Northbound by the depot with the Lake Charles branch in the foreground.
KCS4154_4164_atNewOrleansLa_July76.jpg KCS4154_4164_atNewOrleansLa_July76.jpg
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KCS GP-7 #4154 and 4164 (and a switcher) at New Orleans,La -- July 1976.

This was outbound between New Orleans and the airport.
This line is abandoned now and I assume KCS trains go out on the IC double track to their own line near the airport.
KCS4214_88_atShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg KCS4214_88_atShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg
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KCS NW2 #4214 and F7A #88 at KCS shops in Shreveport,La -- December 1977.

#4214 was a self described "super switcher" - rebuilt from GP9 parts from 1000hp to 1200hp.

Both units would be repainted to white and returned to service.
#88 renumbered to 4058 and scrapped in Shreveport in 1986.
KCS4114_atShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg KCS4114_atShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg
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KCS GP30 - a B unit - GP30 at Shreveport,La -- December 1977
KCS4161_DeQuincyLa_Dec85.jpg KCS4161_DeQuincyLa_Dec85.jpg
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KCS GP7 #4161 at DeQuincy, La -- December 1985
KCSFunits_atcoalmine_SulpherSpsTx_Nov81.jpg KCSFunits_atcoalmine_SulpherSpsTx_Nov81.jpg
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KCS F units at coal mine near Sulphur Springs,Tx -- November 1981.

Arriving at the coal mine with empties - will pick up loaded cars the next day and take them to the power plant interchange at Pittsburg -- 40 miles east. This was one of the last areas on the KCS with all F unit lashups. The two B units are slugs.
KCS4064_nearPittsburgTx_Dec81.jpg KCS4064_nearPittsburgTx_Dec81.jpg
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KCS F-7 #4064 near Pittsburg,Tx -- December 1981

Just west of Pittsburg (Tx) at the interchange with the electric line to a power plant - the F's are dropping off loaded coal cars and picking up empties. Coal cars (and some others for local service) were run between a coal mine at Sulphur Springs and this interchange at Pittsburg (about 40 miles east) in NE Texas. This was one of the - and probably the - last holdout for solid F unit consists on the KCS.
KCS4340_nearLakeCharlesLa_Nov76.jpg KCS4340_nearLakeCharlesLa_Nov76.jpg
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KCS SW1500 #4340 on the Lake Charles branch at Mossville,La -- November 1976.

Southbound near Lake Charles on the DeQuincy-Lake Charles branch.
Flanked by two SW1500 are a B unit and a red F3 cab.
KCS4059_SulphurSpringsTx_Nov82.jpg KCS4059_SulphurSpringsTx_Nov82.jpg
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KCS F7 #4059 (and 3 others) at Sulphur Springs,Tx -- November 1982.

between Dallas and Shreveport
KCS_MindenLa_Dec77a.jpg KCS_MindenLa_Dec77a.jpg
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(1) KCS (Louisiana & Arkansas) shops and turntable in Minden,La -- December 1977.

A dark and dreary day in Minden as GP7 #4159 and NW2 #4206 (scrapped in 1986) await assignment.
Minden is about 27 miles east of Shreveport.
KCS_MindenLa_Dec77b.jpg KCS_MindenLa_Dec77b.jpg
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(2) KCS (Louisiana & Arkansas) shops and turntable in Minden,La -- December 1977
KCS94_ShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg KCS94_ShreveportLa_Dec77.jpg
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KCS F3 #94 at Shreveport,La -- December 1977.

At the KCS Shops in Shreveport.
An earlier paint scheme has barely survived on this unit. It would be painted white and eventually scrapped in 1986.
KCS4322_ShreveportLa_shops_Nov77.jpg KCS4322_ShreveportLa_shops_Nov77.jpg
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KCS SW1500 #4322 and F7 #76 at Shreveport,La -- November 1977
KCS4064_powerplant_interchange_PittsburgTx_Nov81.jpg KCS4064_powerplant_interchange_PittsburgTx_Nov81.jpg
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KCS F7 #4064 at Pittsburg,Tx.

Dropping off loaded coal cars at the interchange with the power plant electrified line.

November 1981
KCS4064_SulphurSpsTx_Nov81.jpg KCS4064_SulphurSpsTx_Nov81.jpg
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KCS F7 #4064 at Sulphur Springs,Tx.
The KCS crew is ready for a days work with 6 F units.
November 1981
KCS_caboose_SulphurSpsTx_July81.jpg KCS_caboose_SulphurSpsTx_July81.jpg
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KCS outside braced caboose at Sulphur Springs,Texas

July 1981
KCS4064_near_SulphurSpsTx_Dec81.jpg KCS4064_near_SulphurSpsTx_Dec81.jpg
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6 KCS F units near Sulphur Springs,Tx

This train (it looks like two were slugs) were headed west between Shreveport and Greenville towards Sulphur Springs,Tx. They are bringing back empty coal cars from the interchange with the power plant at Pittsburg.

December 1981
KCS 4051 at MindenLa - July81.jpg KCS 4051 at MindenLa - July81.jpg
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KCS F3 #4051 at Minden,La

An EPA nightmare to clean up, but an interesting facility.
This was a Louisiana & Arkansas shop.
The building in the background was built in 1923.
#4051 was scrapped 5 years later.

July 1981
KCS4062_WinnsboroTx_Dec81.jpg KCS4062_WinnsboroTx_Dec81.jpg
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KCS F7 #4062 at Winnsboro,Tx

I guess a problem developed with this unit on the Sulphur Springs-Pittsburg coal train/local and it was dropped off at Winnsboro in northeast Texas.
F units were mostly used on the run during this time period.
Winnsboro is about 23 miles east of Sulphur Springs and 106 miles east of Dallas.

December 1981
KCSspecial_HoustonUnionSt_Oct96.jpg KCSspecial_HoustonUnionSt_Oct96.jpg
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KCS Business train at Houston Union St

The "new" KCS business train was great to see at the time as it made an appearance at Houston Union Station.
This was one of the last trains to visit the station before the Houston Astro Minute Maid Park (Enron at the time) was built on this site. The main station building in the background remains and is part of the stadium complex.

October 1996
KCS at DeQuincyLa_Dec85a.jpg KCS at DeQuincyLa_Dec85a.jpg
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(1) KCS freight w/Funit slug at DeQuincy,La -- December 1985

Ex-Conrail GP40 #771 leads a northbound by the nice looking station at DeQuincy,La.
The track to the left is the beginning of the KCS branch line to Lake Charles.
KCS at DeQuincyLa_Dec85-2a.jpg KCS at DeQuincyLa_Dec85-2a.jpg
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(2) KCS freight w/Funit slug at DeQuincy,La -- December 1985

F7A #4060 was one of the few remaining F units operating on the KCS (converted to a slug unit)
If you look real close the painted line to keep passengers from getting to close to the tracks was still there -- about 16 years after the last Southern Belle.
KCS Funits near SulphurSpsTx_Nov81.jpg KCS Funits near SulphurSpsTx_Nov81.jpg
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KCS F units near Sulphur Springs,Tx -- November 1981

Headed west to the lignite coal mine at Thermo with empty coal cars.
Later, the engines and caboose will tie up at the station in Sulphur Springs.